Alexandria Fun Days

A Farewell to Fun Days

of Lieutenant and Captain. Sydney joined the department and became an EMT. Bruce gave more than 32 years to the department and Sydney gave 30 years.

Bruce and Syd became involved in the Alexandria Fun Days Festival when the Service Club dissolved and turned the festival over to the Fire Association. They also help organize and run the Alexandria Santa Brunch each year that is held at the fire station. Both Bruce and Syd have been active in many fundraisers and community events throughout the years and will continue to help whenever possible. Syd is currently on the Alexandria Maple Grove Cemetery board.

Bruce and Syd will be retiring from the Alexandria Fun Days Festival after his year, they have dedicated the past 26 years to this “Homecoming Festival” for the community to come back to each year and enjoy. They are very proud and humbled to be chosen as 2017 Grand Marshals. They want to thank everyone who has supported Fun Days over the years, and hope you continue to support it in the future.


Bruce and Sydney Kean

Bruce and Sydney Kean have resided in the Alexandria area for many years. Bruce was raised here as a baby and Syd moved to Alex at the age of 15. They are Northridge graduates and met in school and married in 1982. They raised two daughters who also graduated from Northridge. Their daughter Sarah, is married to Jeff and they have two boys Gage and Jaxon. Their other daughter Kelly, is married to Richard and are expecting their first child in December.

Bruce and Syd have been involved within the Alexandria community for nearly half their lives. Their community service began with Bruce joining the Alexandria Fire Department at age 18. Throughout his time on the department he has been an EMT/Firefighter  and held the positions