Alexandria Fun Days

"It take a Village"


Fun Days began early in the 19th century and was staged every 5 years.

The original one-day event began in 1949 featured games, a baseball game, and an evening dance.1951 was the first pull.

Service Club members George Price and Edwin Maxwell cooked up hamburgers on a little round grill during that first tractor pull to sell to the crowd.

In 1962 the Alexandria Lions Club changed its name to the Alexandria Service Club.

​In 1977 Fun Days moved from August to July.

The Alex Service Club expanded the one-day “Alexandria Fun Day” to a three-day event and renamed it “Alexandria Fun Days”.

Locals flocked each night to the Service Club Food Tent to enjoy sandwiches, sides, and lots of delicious homemade pies.

Through the years, Service Club members worked untold hours to turn Fun Days into Alexandria’s annual “homecoming”— people especially poured into town during Friday night’s Tractor Pull to reminisce and see old friends.

Starting in 1989 the Alexandria Volunteer Fire Department start helping the Service Club run Fun Days.

In 1994 the Alexandria Fire Association took over and began running Fun Days. In 2017, the Fire Assc. hosted their final Fun Days.

This year is the first year hosting for the Alexandria Community Association. We are a 501(c)(3) with many exciting plans of how the funds raised from Fun Days can benefit our community.

​Past Fun Days Events 
1965 4-H Band, Flower Show
1970 Pinewood Derby Teenage Street Dance & 4H Band performances
1971 Amateur Night, Flower Show,  Tumbling Act, Pinewood Derby, Square Dancing
​1972 Teenage Talent SHow, 4-H Ban, Garden Tractor Pull
​1973 Land of Legend Choir, Flower/Art/Craft show, Antique Auction, Northridge Band
1980  Pageant "Along the Raccoon Trail" Muzzle Loading Demonstration, Northridge Band
1985 Tug-O-War, Kiddie Tractor Pull, Dave Lehman Magician, Gospel Singers, Flea Market
1986 Car Show, Garden Tractor Pull, Flea Market
1990 1 Mile Fun Run, 5k Run
1992 Clowns, Pie in the Eye
1994 Greased Pig Contest, Square Dance
1997 Flaky the Clown, Smoke House, Karaoke, Gold Nuggets Sock Hop
1999 Alexandria Players melodrama, Lions EyesPlease

The Most Popular Fun Days Question EVER...
What ever happened to the food tent?Well there seem to be many answers to this question but to set the record straight, the food tent was stopped because the regulations set by the Licking County Health Department became too difficult to follow. (Nope, no one died a horrible pie death.) But, because we were selling food to the public all of the food had to be prepared in a kitchen that had passed the county's health inspection.   If you are one of the curious people here is the Food Safety Code the food tent would have to follow.